Do you ever feel like you missed the boat? Like you had a big opportunity but didn’t take it? Or that you somehow failed to take a certain path, and you blew your only chance?

If you’ve ever felt like you’ve missed out, welcome to the club! This is a common feeling that many people experience.

Not to worry – the boat will keep circling back around; your soul gives you unlimited opportunity to grow and evolve. In fact, your lifetime has a map or blueprint of key events that are preset to assist you along your journey. You’ve probably heard of this map – it is called ‘destiny’.

Here’s how destiny works: Your soul has goals for you to achieve in this lifetime. Destiny can be likened to a circle on the map of your life marked ‘Soul’s Destination’, which will include a range of goals from bare minimum to your maximum potential. Parts of your life will be ‘mapped out’ with certain spots, or opportunities, presenting themselves to you along your path. These opportune moments can be likened to arrows or directional signs, pointing you in the direction your soul wishes you to go.

These spots on the map are often referred to as fate.

A moment of fate can often be felt tangibly as a moment of great power. In such a moment, you always have the free will to go with the flow and seize the moment, or to turn the other way and simply ignore the opportunity for growth.

Some people are very connected with the will of their soul and jump at each predestined opportunity, following the signposts, quickly moving through their given curriculum and into doing the work of their soul. Other people take more time, sometimes needing the same or a similar opportunity to come around several times until they finally take it and move on to the next phase in their journey. By the same token, a person could exercise their free will choice to allow each predestined moment of major opportunity to pass them by, and live their whole life never coming close to realizing their true potential.

This is a very simplified explanation of how destiny works. The point here is that it is totally possible for a person to miss reaching their own soul’s goals completely. Maybe a person sinks into a depression, and rather than taking the opportunity to get out of whatever situation is causing so much suffering, they surrender over to the personality’s feelings of despair and commit suicide. Or, maybe the personality has such a strong will that the person simply ignores their soul’s urging and lives life with blinders on, staying in fear, blame and conflict to the point of creating a disease at the physical level, succumbing to the lack of ease rather than addressing the root cause. This happens, and is neither good nor bad from Spirit’s perspective but simply a matter of free will choice in action.

It is important for you to know that while you can delay your own learning, there is no getting around it in the long-term. If your soul misses its predetermined learning-goals entirely, you will have to come back and do the lessons again in another lifetime with another body-vehicle. That is the power and the freedom of your gift of free will choice.

Have you ever experienced a powerful moment of choice and opportunity in your life that felt predestined? How did you react to the opportunity?

If you’ve missed a signpost or two, it’s Ok; your life is set up for success, which means as long as you keep moving forward, another arrow will soon be appearing on your path to give you your next window of opportunity to up-level.

Personally, I was extremely reluctant to begin to follow my predestined path. I resisted many opportunities to up-level time and again. It just seemed too impossible, too big and too scary. The longer I resisted, the more off-course I went, the more I struggled, the harder and more challenging my life became. My soul had to drag my personality kicking and screaming along my path. I finally surrendered only because I was so sick and tired of struggling. Once I got on-course in my own life, it quickly became easier for me to act on opportunities to move forward. I found that I was always supported by Spirit to follow the will of my soul, so I eventually dropped the fear and began eagerly leaping at new opportunities to up-level again and again.

Wherever you are on your path, just keep moving – the only real way to miss the boat is refuse to start walking toward the harbor.

Those people who believe that every little thing, every given moment is already pre-destined and fated to be will be sitting back on their butts like couch potatoes simply waiting for their ship to dock. People who believe this are definitely going to miss their own boat.

Spirit meets you at your point of action. If you want more to happen in your life, if you want to align with your highest potential and reach your destiny, you must get out there and take some sort of action or movement towards your desire. By doing so, you will draw the opportune moment to complete a lesson and move into a higher level of learning. Say, “Spirit meets me at my point of action. If I want to reach my full potential, I have to keep moving forward, following the signposts, seizing the opportunities for growth as they are presented along my path.”

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Keep moving forward towards your highest potential to align with your soul’s predestined goals. Declaration: “Spirit meets me at my point of action. I am now moving forward along my path open to opportunities to grow, evolve and up-level with the intention to reach my highest potential.”

Additional Support: Listen to this 8-minute closed-eye process on choosing to align with your destiny; please refrain from driving while listening.

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