Have you ever felt powerless? Like you had no choice in the matter?

A feeling of powerlessness comes from having beliefs that are based in the fear-based reality; it is a mindset that holds many people in its illusory grip.

From you soul’s perspective, there is no such thing as a powerless Being.  Feeling powerless is simply a result of playing the role of the victim; the truth is that you are equally powerful as every other Being ever born. To really get connected with your own authentic power, you must claim your gift of free will choice.

Here’s how it works: Planet Earth is set up as a learning environment for souls in human form to learn to live in alignment with the will of their souls. In order to experience the vastness of who you truly are, you have been given the gift of free will; you have the freedom to choose your response in every moment.

The purpose of the human experience is to remember that we are Loving Beings; we are Spirit in a body, and we are all one at the level of the Loving. On the soul level you are already living in alignment with the Loving, connected to and part of a greater source. When your soul chooses to incarnate in human form, it is opening itself up to learning this truth at a deeper level in a denser, harsher environment. If living in alignment with the Loving on planet Earth was easy, there would be no great learning opportunity. Therefore, free will is a gift that can be used for learning how to come into and maintain alignment.

Free will can be likened to a tool, or an instrument, to be utilized during the process of learning. Just as learning an instrument takes time and repeated practice to approach mastery, learning to use free will in alignment with the will of your soul takes time and practice. Even when you have reached a very high level of mastery, it is always possible to miss a note! That is part of the beauty of free will choice; it is possible, in any given moment, to choose to act in an infinite number of ways.

Because we were all born into a fear-based, right/wrong level of reality, most of us were disempowered as children. We were indoctrinated to believe we had no choice in the matter, whatever issue was at hand. We were raised to believe we had to do as we were told, speak a certain way, act a certain way, look a certain way and do a certain thing with our lives. The truth is that we have always had, even as children, the freedom to choose our response in any given moment.

From Spirit’s perspective, there is no right or wrong choice to make about anything; there are simply opportunities for growth and learning. As part of your curriculum, your soul has certain lessons that it intends for you to complete during each incarnation here on Earth. If, for instance, your lesson is one of power, you may have chosen to be born into a set of life circumstances that created a feeling of powerlessness for you as a child. The stage would have been set for you to move through certain obstacles or events that would provide you with an opportunity to move from believing you were powerless into claiming your full authentic power.

Lessons are set up in such a way that each person is given repeated opportunity to learn their course material. Perhaps you need to hear the material two or three times before you get it. Perhaps you need to hear it a dozen, twenty or even a hundred times, shouted from megaphones or blared out of Boss speakers before you get it. Since you have free will choice, you can choose to do the work to complete your lesson swiftly, or choose to avoid, ignore, distract, hide, negate or otherwise deny personal responsibility for the lesson.

One thing for which we do not have choice is experiencing our given curriculum. Our lessons are preset at the soul level, and the only way to stop the lessons from repeatedly showing up in our life is to complete the course work and graduate. You absolutely have free will choice with regard to how you respond to your given lessons. While Spirit does not judge your response, your own internal guidance system will be letting you know based on how you feel whether or not you are on-course or off-course, because your soul is absolutely pushing for you to get it.

The bottom line here is that you have never been powerless to choose – you only felt like you had no choice. You have always had free will, in every given moment. Right here, you can let go of that old, trapped feeling of ‘powerless to choose’ and come into the truth – claim that you have the freedom to choose your response. From here on out, see yourself as having many choices. You have the ability to look at all of the options, to see possibilities that perhaps others do not see. Say, “From now on, I know I always have a choice. I was born with free will.”

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Let go of feeling as if you have no choice, and claim your gift of free will. Declaration: “I am an autonomous Being. I have free will choice. Free will is my birthright. I get to choose my own response in every deciding moment.”

Additional Support: Listen to this 10-minute closed-eye process on your free will; please refrain from driving while listening.

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