Do you ever blame someone or something for bringing you down? A hard day at work? A challenging conversation? A tragedy in the news? A traffic jam? A cloudy day?

People feel brought down all the time, especially around large events or visits to family. You might go to a family dinner, and have to deal with half a dozen people teasing, poking at you, criticizing, or trying to advise you about your life until you feel like making up reasons why you have to leave early. You might visit your mom, and receive a litany of demands or anxious questions about why you don’t visit more often. You might go to a party and get barraged by people until you feel drained or depleted. You might go into a shopping mall, pick up on the frantic fear-based energies and want to run, screaming, in the other direction.

It may not seem to matter whether or not you are in a good mood when you leave the house or how mentally prepared you are for the outing – somehow, dealing with this sort of event always feels like a chore. Why does this happen?

You are an energy Being. You are made up of energy; very little of you is actually physical. Your energy field is all around you, emanating out from your body anywhere from several feet out to a much wider circumference, depending upon your current state of Being. If your energy field is left open, you will be taking on the energy – soaking it in like a sponge – of everything and everyone around you. The more people surrounding you, the more fear-based, chaotic energy there is for you to absorb.

If your energy field is open, in traffic you will be picking up on the annoyance and irritation of all of the other drivers. At a big party, you will be picking up on the nerves, fears, frustrations, apathy, lust, anger, depression and whatever other negativity is swirling around from all of the unresolved issues that are present in the room. If you are relating to this in any way, chances are good that picking up other people’s negativity has not gone very well for you in the past.

The solution is simple: begin to make a regular, daily practice of setting spiritual protection around yourself. You can think of this as placing yourself in an invincible bubble of Loving – your light will still radiate out, yet nothing of a lower vibration may enter your field.

Setting conditions around what energies you permit to enter your personal energy field is rather like establishing the settings on your email or facebook account; do you want to be open to receiving anything, or do you want to filter out the spam, the junk mail and the phishing scams? You have the power to choose what enters your inbox.

Once you have decided on your personal boundaries, you simply have to state these boundaries as ‘conditions’, out loud, every day. Your word is law, so as you state it, so it is.

If you have children under 13 years of age, you can set their protection for them as well. This is particularly beneficial for children who are sensitive, have trouble in school or have been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD or Autism – all of whom likely have wide open energy fields.

Let go of taking on other people’s fear-energies by taking full responsibility for protecting your own energy field. Your life will immediately become calmer, more joyfilled and more stable. Best of all, when you leave the house in a great mood, nothing and no one will have the power to bring you down. You will be free to walk in the light.

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Let go of taking on other people’s fear-based energy by taking full responsibility for establishing regular spiritual protection. Declaration: “I set the conditions of Love and Light. I set the condition that only that which is of my vibration or higher may enter my field. I am now divinely protected. So be it.”

Additional support: I recommend that you post a reminder on your bathroom mirror until you have establish a daily habit of protecting your field.

Listen to this 8-minute closed-eye process on spiritual protection; please refrain from driving while listening.


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