Do you ever feel like life has failed you? Or, do you believe that certain people are just born lucky…. and that you were born unlucky?

If you’ve ever felt that way, guess what? You are not alone. Many people believe that for whatever reason they will never be able to have what they truly want in life, whatever that may be.

You hear the aspiring artist says, “I’ll never be able to make a living doing my art.” The businessman who says, “My ideal business would never succeed in this economy, so I just work in sales instead.” The divorced mom who says, “I’ve given up on Love; I’m just going to raise my kids alone and be satisfied with that.” The addict who says, “It is hopeless. Why should I even bother trying when nothing ever changes?”

All of these attitudes are currently prevalent in our world right now; these are all examples of people who have surrendered over their authentic power to fear. It is as if a deep, dark, swirling vortex of despair just came along and sucked up all of their life-force energy, their will, their strength, their determination and any other inspiring quality, leaving them weak, limp and willing to settle for so much less than what they truly desire.

If you are currently relating to any of this, the only way out of the sucking vortex of despair is to take your power back. The key to self-empowerment is to take 100% personal responsibility for every aspect of your own life. From your soul’s perspective, what has happened in your life has had nothing to do with luck and everything to do with your current life-lessons here in Earth School. In order to create the life you desire, it is simply a matter of taking full responsibility for your lessons and then completing your spiritual curriculum.

Now, one thing that often occurs when people first hear this idea of taking full responsibility is that they immediately think that this means that whatever occurred in their life was ‘their fault’ – that taking responsibility means they are ‘to blame’ for their own suffering. This idea is coming from the fear-based, right/wrong thinking; from your soul’s perspective, you have never done anything wrong, and therefore there is no such thing as fault or blame. Everything that happened was simply an opportunity for you to learn and grow.

If you are ready to stop settling for less than you truly desire in any area of your life, let go of needing to place blame entirely, on yourself or out onto anyone or anything else ‘out there’. Begin to claim your own authentic power.

You can start by deciding that you are 100% responsible for creating your own life. Say, “I create my own life. From now on, I take 100% responsibility for every area of my life.”

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Let go of placing blame and take your power back! Claim 100% Responsibility for your own life. “I am in charge of creating my own life. I now take full 100% responsibility for every aspect of my life.”

Additional Support: Listen to this 8-minute closed-eye process on taking 100% responsibility for your own life; please refrain from driving while listening.

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