Have you ever felt like you were at the mercy of a cruel world? That terrible things happened to you for no apparent reason?  A common way you may have heard this phrased is, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

If you feel like you are powerless, at the mercy of something other than yourself, this is what is known as having ‘victim mentality’.

This irrational mindset used to run my life. I spent my first 30-something years of life feeling like a victim, thinking like a victim and acting like a victim. Everything in my life was someone or something else’s fault: I was screwed up because my mother had criticized me, I was co-dependent because my father had been alcoholic, I was insecure because my siblings had teased me. I was broke because my ex-husband was a @#*&^%#! I was sick because of the environmental toxins, and so forth.  I just have to laugh at the level of blame I used to entertain.

From your soul’s perspective, there is no such thing as a victim. Also, there is no such thing as a perpetrator. There are only souls in human bodies – all equal at the Being level – learning and growing in Earth School.

Here’s how it works. Picture the sun, the way a child might draw the sun. See the sun as your source of Loving and yourself as a ray of Love-light. Notice how each ray is getting its power directly from its source of energy.  At the Being level, we are all equally powerful. We each have access to authentic power, which comes directly from Loving/Source/God. When we are born into this fear-based right/wrong reality, we may temporarily forget that we are equally powerful; if that happens, it means that we’ll need to enroll in Authentic Power 101.

Essentially, people play out roles of victim/perpetrator exploring the two sides of the coin of fear-based power, moving from feeling powerless to feeling more powerful than another until they realize that everyone is equally powerful and drop the old script.

Think about your own life. Have you ever felt like a victim? Have you ever blamed anyone else for your suffering? In what ways or areas of your life have you played the role of the victim?

As long as you feel like the victim, you will continue to play the part of the victim. And, since these are two sides of the same coin, chances are good that if you’ve ever felt or acted like a victim and been ticked off about that, you may unknowingly be acting out as a perpetrator in some way in an attempt to gain vengeance or to never have to feel like a victim again.Have you ever felt like a perpetrator? Have you ever tried to exert fear-based power over another – maybe used emotional put-downs, criticism, threats, intimidation, guilt, manipulation or any form of abuse? In what ways or areas of your life have you played the role of the perpetrator? Be willing to look deeply at yourself. If you feel done with this course, I encourage you to simply claim your authentic power. Say, “I am authentically powerful. I have equal access to my source of authentic power as every other Being.”

Action Step ~ Let go of the roles of victim/perpetrator by claiming your authentic power. Declaration: “I now claim my authentic power. I now know I have equal access to authentic power as every other Being.”

Additional Support: Listen to this 12-minute closed-eye process on your authentic power

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