Do you ever get an intuition to do something yet ignore it because the instruction just doesn’t seem to make any sense? Guess what? When you are following your inner guidance, what you may be asked to do will not always make sense in-the-moment.

A few weeks ago, I was setting up my paper and easel for a presentation when I noticed I had forgotten something. “Does anyone have a marker?” I called out. My partner Marc started laughing and said, “Shoot. My intuition told me to grab a marker on the way out the door this morning, but I thought ‘Why would I need a marker?’”

Here’s the thing about guidance: we are all in this together. You. Me. Your friends. My friends. People you know. People you don’t know. People who are like you. People who are nothing like you. Loving/Source/God does not differentiate. There is just one big universal ‘us’ on this planet, and what that means is that sometimes you may be called upon to do something – you could call it a random act of guidance – that you have no clue about until it is done.

A story was shared with me a few years ago about a man who was driving down the street on his way home from work. He heard his guidance say, “Stop at that store.” He went into the store, and his guidance directed him to buy a gallon of whole milk. He bought the milk, got back into the car, and began driving again. He was directed again, “Turn here.” He turned. He followed the instructions until he was guided to stop at an apartment building, enter the apartments, and go up to a certain floor until he reached a specific apartment. He heard sounds coming from within – a baby crying, a couple arguing. Now, this entire time he’d been following his guidance, he was also questioning, “Really? Do I have to? Are you sure? Alright…”

Here he was standing in front of a total stranger’s door, and the last thing in the world he wanted to do was knock on that door. Of course he was guided to knock. His knock was ignored, and he was guided to keep knocking. Finally the door was opened by a very harassed-looking man with a woman standing in the background rocking a crying baby in her arms. He handed the man the gallon of milk, as the mother began sobbing, “Thank you, God, Thank you, God.” It turned out they’d been arguing because they didn’t have any money in that moment to buy milk, and the baby was hungry. She had been praying for a miracle.

That is one of my favorite ‘random act of guidance’ stories, because what is such a small thing for one person – a $3 gallon of milk – is literally a godsend to someone in need of it. And it is a story of the incredible miracle-working power of the Mastermind consciousness – the idea that we are all connected – we are one at the Being level.

God works through you, to the degree that you are open to receiving divine instruction. What you will be asked to do may not always make sense. Your soul holds the bigger picture. If you are uncertain whether or not to follow an intuition, ask yourself, “Is this voice coming from Loving? Is it harming none?”

Some people get worried about following their intuition because they’ve heard the horror stories where people were convinced to drink the Kool-Aid and so forth – those stories are not examples of following true inner guidance but examples of ego-based, fear-based decision-making as well as huge lack of discernment. When you are following divine guidance, you will be safe, supported and protected. Your soul will always lead you to act with Love, in the highest good of all concerned.

Put your trust in your Higher Self, in your soul, in your connection to Loving/Source/God. As you follow your Loving guidance more and more, you will begin to participate in creating miracles daily.

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Claim that your guidance does not always have to make sense.

Declaration: “I now follow my Loving guidance even if it doesn’t make sense. God’s hands are my hands. My soul knows the bigger picture, and it is safe for me to trust in the will of my soul.”

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