Do you ever feel like you are totally floundering? Stumbling through life not knowing whether you are on the right path?

Not to worry. We’ve all felt like that at times. There are two pieces of good news here: first, it is impossible to be on the wrong path – whatever path you are currently taking is in right-alignment for you simply because you have taken it. Second, if you feel like you’ve been stumbling around in the dark, it is simply a matter of activating your human GPS – what I call your Internal Guidance System.

If you’ve been following the Walk Your Talk journey, you’ll be familiar with the three distinct parts of your Internal Guidance System – your inner guidance, your feeling barometer and your discernment of truth. We’ve talked about these parts individually; today, let’s look at them all together.

Here’s how your IGS works: As you are moving through life, you will be receiving guidance from your soul, as well as having tons of thoughts from your personality, some of which may be very fear-based. Your discernment, once you have gotten used to applying it regularly, will allow you to hear your ring of truth. You will have countless opportunities to become aware of your inner guidance, apply your discernment then chose whether or not to act. However you decide to act your feeling barometer will respond accordingly, letting you know if you’ve gone off into a ditch or are on the highest part of your path.

For example, if you are sitting with a friend and thinking about sharing a certain piece of gossip, and your intuition tells you to keep your mouth closed on the subject, if you discern that the guidance is in your highest good and comply by not sharing, your feeling barometer will stay steady; you will feel centered and peaceful inside. If you decide not to listen to your guidance your feeling barometer may swing widely at a later time as you experience some sort of fall-out over your decision to share the gossip. There is always a feeling-level response when we ignore our guidance. Either way you responded, you can say ‘thanks’ to your IGS for providing you with excellent direction.

Understand that there is no way to blow it; there is no right or wrong choice. You are always on your evolutionary path, no matter how many puddles you may hit, how many times you get stuck in a rut, or how many detours you decide to take. However, if you path has been bumpy or riddled with obstacles, it is possible to take a smoother route by learning to follow the directions provided by your trusty IGS. By learning to utilize all three parts – your inner guidance, however this comes to you, your feeling barometer, and your discernment – you will quickly become better at deciding to travel your path with grace and ease.

Activate your IGS. Say, “I now have full access to my Internal Guidance System. I am divinely guided in my highest good.”  The more often you tune into your IGS, the easier it becomes to use. Happy navigating.

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Activate your Internal Guidance System; declaration: “I now fully activate my Internal Guidance System. I am divinely guided in my highest good, and I now have the tools to assist me to trust in my guidance, act on my guidance, and to let me know when I am on-course or off-course.”

Additional Support: Listen to this –minute closed-eye process on your Internal Guidance System; please refrain from driving while listening.

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