Have you ever had a time when you felt totally disconnected to your inner guidance? Where you asked for an answer and found yourself just sitting there in the dark?

The thing is, you will only have access to your inner guidance and tool of discernment when you are plugged into your Higher Self; if you are running lots of fear-thoughts that are interfering with your clarity, you may not experience the same ability to tune into the wisdom of your soul as when you are centered. This means that sometimes you will feel left out in the dark about something; your inner response could feel like a big blank screen or a giant question mark.

It can feel like getting cast adrift in the middle of the ocean at night in a boat without lights and no navigation system. You may feel stranded, powerless, helpless…. What to do????

The good news is that no matter how silent your inner radio may go, you will still have access to one part of your inner GPS – your feeling barometer. Your feelings, believe it or not, can act as an excellent compass in times stress or indecisiveness.

Here’s how it works: When you are feeling undecided or do not know which way to go, close your eyes, imagine moving in one direction and pay close attention to how your body feels in response. Then imagine going in the other direction and see how your body responds. Your feelings will provide you with valuable information about which way to go if you tune in closely.

For example, Josh wanted to become a graphic designer while Josh’s parents wanted him to become a doctor, following in his father’s footsteps, eventually taking over the family medical practice. It was time to choose his major in college, and Josh was agonizing over his decision. When he asked for inner guidance, he received a big, blank… nothing. This caused Josh even more anxiety and stress, because he felt like he couldn’t trust himself to make a decision that would affect the course of his life while he was in such a state of fear.

Thankfully, Josh still had his trusty feeling barometer. When he closed his eyes and imagined going through medical school, becoming a physician and seeing patients day after day, he felt sick to his stomach – almost to the point of throwing up, the idea was so revolting. When he visualized going to design school, getting a job at a great firm or possibly even starting his own business, he felt lit up inside, excited and energized.

There was no question about which way to go; Josh’s body had known which way to go all along – he’d just needed to tune in and listen. His mind had been trying to convince him that he couldn’t possibly let his father down, but his feeling-response at the idea of going through with a decision based on a feeling of obligation was so powerful that he was able to be at ease with his choice. He learned that the most important thing was to act in alignment with his own highest good, rather than attempting to please someone else.

Claim that you always have access to your feeling barometer, even at times when your inner guidance and discernment may go dark. Say, “My feelings are like an inner compass. If I feel indecisive, I can visualize my choices as I pay attention to my internal response.”

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Let go of indecision and tune into your feeling barometer. Declaration: “I can trust in my feelings to guide me when I feel left in the dark. My feeling barometer will always steer me in the direction of my highest good.”

Additional Support: Listen to this –minute closed eye process on trusting your feeling barometer; please refrain from driving while listening.

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