Do you ever ignore your own inner knowing? Maybe you’ve bought into someone’s lies or deceit even though there was a part of you that warned you they were not to be trusted?

You hear stories about this all the time. “She was so cute – I didn’t ever think she’d betray my trust.” “He spoke so sincerely; even though I had my doubts, I wanted to believe he wouldn’t steal from us.”

We all have discernment, but sometimes we do not make use of this fabulous tool. Why is that? What is the deal that we know we know something and yet we still don’t listen to the wisest part of ourselves?

It comes down to one very important quality: self-trust.

Most of us were repeatedly told that we could not be trusted. We were told we were bad, wrong, incapable, untrustworthy and poor decision-makers. We were indoctrinated to believe that we needed to place our trust out into others hands – to place our trust in our parents, grownups in our family, teachers, religious leaders, or people in places of authority.

If you were living in a Utopia, that may have gone Ok. For most of us, that did not go down so well. Each time we placed our trust outside of ourselves and something negative or hurtful happened, we would have felt as if our trust was broken.

Here is the deal: no one can break your trust. Your trust is fine. It is a part of you that is invincible. It has only ‘felt’ broken because you put it out into someone else’s hands who treated it carelessly.

If this rings true for you, right here, right now I encourage you to pull your trust back into your own body, taking it back from anyone you’ve ever given it over to and owning it completely. You are the one and only one who can hold your trust energetically. Trust is an inside job.

Here’s how trust works: you are a soul in a body, having a human experience in a fear-based, right/wrong reality. You can have the knowing that the fear-based reality is deceptive – in other words, your highest truth will never be found in the fear-based perspective. So, to access truth, you have to place your trust in the part of yourself that is connected to your soul, connected to Source, connected to God, connected to Love-energy and connected to infinite wisdom.

When your trust is in the right place – in your connection to your Highest Self – you keep your trust inside of you. From here on, you trust in your own discernment to determine whether or not any person, place, business, information, etc. is in your highest good. And then you begin acting according to your own guidance and discernment, following your inner knowing of what is in alignment for you and letting go of what isn’t.

Claim that trust is an inside job, that from now on, you trust in your own discernment to tell you whether or not something or someone is in your own highest good. Say, “I trust myself. I trust in my own discernment to know what is in my highest good, and I act accordingly.”

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Claim your self-trust; declaration: “I now trust myself fully. Nobody has the power to betray my trust; my trust is unbreakable. I trust in my discernment to know when someone or something is trustworthy or not.”

Additional Support: Listen to this 8-minute recording on Self-trust. Please refrain from driving while listening.

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