Have you ever noticed that what is true for you right now wasn’t always true for you? Think of an area in your life where your knowledge has expanded in some way.

When I was twelve, I believed that all grandmothers had to be gray and wrinkly – until I met a gorgeous, 42-year-old, wrinkle-free grandma who looked like a famous runway model. My truth changed in a blink.

When I was twenty, I believed that all people would treat me kindly if I was kind to them – until I was robbed by one of my favorite employees at the restaurant I managed. Again, my truth changed in an instant.

Other truths evolved slowly over time.

For example, I had heard about past lives, but remained slightly skeptical. After hearing a few convincing stories, I became more open-minded about the subject. At one point, I had a memory of a past life myself, yet I wasn’t quite sure if it was a dream or just something I’d imagined. Then I had a profound spiritual awakening, where I was shown ‘how life works’ by a group of celestial Beings; you might have thought that would have done it, but my mind still didn’t see that as total ‘proof’. Finally, my son began speaking about his former life as a pilot. He pointed out his plane, his uniform, talked about all places he’d been – details that no 3-year-old could possibly make up – and my truth changed to encompass the idea that we have many lives in human bodies.

Here’s how truth works: there is an ever-widening spiral of growth and evolution. Truth is relative to where a person is currently residing on the spiral. People living at or near the base of the spiral will have a very small, tight, narrow-minded view of what is true for them, while people who reside further up the spiral will have a more open, expansive, broader view of what is true for them.

Take a moment and think of someone you know who has a very rigid concept of what is true.  Now, think of someone you know who you consider to be very evolved, someone who has a much more expanded version of what is true. Can you see how what is true for one person may not yet be true for another? So, in essence, your truth is whatever you believe to be true in any given moment; if you are closed-minded, you will not be able to grow and evolve. If you stay open to receiving a higher level of truth, your truth will continue to expand as you grow and evolve.

There is a level of absolute truth, which resides at the highest level of Being – at the level of infinite Love/Source/God. This is a level of truth that is beyond our reach while we are in human form.

The saying ‘the more I learn the less I know’ is true for me because I’ve gotten a few glimpses out into the universe, and creation is unfathomable; absolute truth is astoundingly expansive.

Why is it important to understand that truth is relative? Because once you get this concept, you will begin to see that the only person who can know what is true for you in any given moment is YOU. Your mom and dad can’t know, your friends can’t know, your co-workers can’t know and your therapist can’t know. You are the one and only one who knows what you believe to be true, and whether or not something you hear rings as true or false. Let go of looking to others for what is true for you. Claim that your level of truth is your own. Say, “I am the one and only one who can know my own truth.” Breathe it in.

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Let go of seeking truth from others and claim that truth is relative. Declaration: “I am the one and only one who can know my own truth. From now on, I trust my own discernment of truth and remain open to receiving higher levels of truth as I learn and grow.”

Additional Support: Listen to this 8-minute closed-eye process on relative truth; please refrain from driving while listening.

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