Have you ever had an intuition about something, and then second-guessed yourself? Maybe argued with yourself for a few moments or gone back and forth over which part of yourself to listen to?

I spent the first fifteen years after my initial spiritual awakening doing my best to ignore my soul’s guidance – I was so resistant I practically made avoiding an art form. If you think I’m joking, I’m not – I avoided listening to my intuition to the point that I literally molded; my house, my lungs, my body, my children and everything we owned  became filled with toxic mold as I stayed stuck in the fear of stepping forward.

To get out of that stagnant pit of paralyzing terror, I had to finally learn to listen to my intuition. Then I had to be willing to follow whatever I was being guided to do. To learn to trust myself with so much fear running, I had to work hard to develop my own discernment.

Discernment is the third part of what I call your Inner Guidance System.

So what is discernment, exactly? Discernment is the ability to hear your own ring of truth. Discernment is a tool which must be utilized frequently in order to become skillful at using. Some people just naturally have excellent discernment and won’t need to practice this skill. Others have perhaps never thought about this topic and may want to practice to get the hang of it.

Think of a time when you heard something, and you knew it was true. How did hearing a truth feel inside of your body? However your body responded inside, there would have been some sort of internal confirmation – a feeling of something hitting a target dead-center, an inner ‘yes’, a prickle at the back of your neck of affirmation, a visceral chill or just an innate knowing. Recall this awareness.

Next, think of a time when you heard something, and you knew it was a lie. How did that feel inside of your body? However your body responded, there would have been a different kind of response – a feeling of something missing the target, an internal ‘no’, a prickle on the back of your neck of aversion, a visceral feeling of ‘yuck’ or ‘off-course’, or just an innate knowing of ‘untrue’. Recall this awareness.

You see, the higher part of you that is connected to your soul – and therefore connected to your source of infinite wisdom – has the ability to hear your truth. This is called discernment – the power to hear your own ring of truth and know that you are accurate.

As soon as you begin tuning into your discernment, you will have the ability to decide what is on-course or off-course for yourself at any given moment. Since your feeling barometer will always register some level of pain or discomfort when you act off-course, right here, by using your discernment you can start to move out of suffering into greater joy.

Once you begin to really develop your tool of discernment, it will begin to seem effortless. In any situation, as information is coming to you, you will have the ability to filter whatever you are hearing. You can take what rings as true for you, leave whatever does not and simply put any unknowns or question marks on a shelf in the back of your mind.

Begin to cultivate this skill. Say, “I have the ability to hear my own ring of truth. I can discern what is true for me and what is not.”

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Activate your tool of discernment. Declaration: “I have the ability to hear my own ring of truth. I now have excellent discernment.”

Additional Support: Listen to this 7-minute recording on discernment. Please refrain from driving while listening.

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