Do you have a voice of knowing inside that tells you what to do or which way to go? I’m not talking about the voice that wants to lead you off-course, I’m talking about the one that always has your highest good in mind. In cartoons, this voice is often picture as the little angel on one shoulder. You know the voice – the one that is leading you into Loving.

This is the voice of your soul that comes through your Higher Self; it’s the part of yourself that is plugged into your innate intelligence. This part is often referred to as your inner guidance.

Everyone has some form of inner guidance. Your guidance can come to you in a variety of manners – as thoughts, intuition, gut instinct, feelings, instinctual sense, direct knowing, through other Beings such as guides or angels, visions, signs, symbols or through nature.

How do you receive communication from your soul? However you receive your guidance is Ok; everyone is unique. If you are not yet connected to your inner guidance, I recommend that you ask your soul for assistance with connecting. Everyone has access to their inner guidance if they ask; the universal law is ‘Ask and Receive’ really works – you just have to remain open to hearing the reply. If you are having trouble receiving a response, you can request for your guidance to come to you more clearly in a manner that you can easily understand. You may continue to ask for clarity until your guidance comes through loud and clear.

Why do you need to get connected with your guidance, anyway?

The goal in life is to complete your curriculum and get on with your soul’s purpose. In order to do either or both, you first have to get into alignment with what your soul wants you to do. Since there is no one right or wrong way to do anything, you have to have some sort of directions in order to know how best to stay on-course with the will of your soul. Your inner guidance is an important part of what I call your Internal Guidance System, which is just like a human GPS.

In every deciding moment, your guidance will be there providing you with direction. Do I take this new job or not? Sign a lease on this apartment or wait for another opportunity? Go to school here or join the Peace Corps and move to Africa? Go to the party or stay home? Take the subway or walk? Whatever the decision, your guidance will always be steering you to choose what is in your soul’s highest good.

Now, whether you listen to your inner guidance or not is a whole other matter! We’ll be getting into how to act on your guidance more regularly in the next few blogs. For today, spend a few moments tuning into your inner guidance. Define for yourself how you receive your inner knowing, and ask for greater clarity if you are having a hard time hearing your intuition and want your guidance to come through in a more direct way.

If you ask your guidance, “Show me the way”, then tune in and stay open to hearing the response, you will be divinely guided to act in your own highest good.

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Claim your Inner Guidance. Declaration: “I am divinely guided. All I need do is ask and receive. I am now open to receiving my soul’s guidance in my highest and greatest good.”

Additional Support: Listen to this recording on divine guidance. This is a 7-minute closed-eye process; please refrain from driving while listening.

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