Have you ever wondered what happens when a spiritual Being gets plunked into a human body? Here you are, this Divine, Loving Being…. And you’ve been mercilessly thrown into the chaos of a fear-based, right/wrong reality! Aaaggghhh!

You may have found yourself asking, “Why does this happen to me? What is going on here? What did I do wrong to deserve all of this suffering?”

Welcome to Earth School! These questions and many others have been the subject of inquiry and debate by philosophers, mystics and sages for thousands upon thousands of years. Here’s what I know to be true for me: the purpose of human life at the physical level is to master it as a soul in a physical body.

What this means is that you are here to learn to evolve your soul. That is it. Anything beyond your growth as a soul is a perk, and nothing more. Your soul could care less what kind of car you drive, where you live, what kind of clothes you wear, how much money you make… the only thing that concerns your soul is whether you complete the spiritual curriculum you’ve been given, and whether you achieve your soul’s purpose in this lifetime.

So what does it mean to have a spiritual curriculum and a soul’s purpose? Let’s look at curriculum today.

Your curriculum is whatever you need to learn as the next step in your soul’s journey of evolution. Think of it like being enrolled in a course – you have a specific class to pass and a text book that provides some lessons. In Earth School, your course title could be determined by whatever common themes or challenges you’ve experienced throughout your life. There are classes on intrinsic worth, equality, prosperity, relationship, wisdom, expression, self-trust, gratitude, authentic power, generosity and so forth. You’ve heard your curriculum spoken of as your ‘baggage’, your ‘stuff’, your ‘issues’, your ‘karma’, your ‘problems’, your ‘weaknesses’, your ‘areas that need improvement’, and your ‘Sh–’!

You know which stuff I’m talking about! It’s that stuff you worry, stew, obsess or complain about all the time. It’s that stuff that drives you crazy, angers you, upsets you and stresses you out. It’s that stuff you want to run from, deny, avoid, bury, hide under the rug and basically pretend it doesn’t exist – yes, that stuff.

To determine what course, or courses in some cases, you are currently taking, ask yourself: “What do I tend to find hard or challenging? Are there any recurring themes in my life? Are there any familial patterns I can’t stand but still seem to perpetuate?” Be willing to look deeply at your life.

Once you’ve identified your spiritual course-work – or at least admitted to yourself it exists – it is time to claim your ‘stuff’. Own it! It’s already yours. Be willing to take 100% responsibility for completing your own curriculum as a student enrolled in Earth School.

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom!

Action Step ~ Claim your spiritual curriculum. Declaration: “I am a soul in a human body currently enrolled in Earth School. I now take full responsibility for my own spiritual curriculum.”

Additional support: Listen to this audio on spiritual curriculum. This is a 10-minute closed-eye process; please refrain from driving while listening.

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