Have you ever had the thought that there was something wrong with you? Or that you were somehow defective? Maybe you’ve had a different way of saying it, like ‘screwed up’!

People tell themselves everyday: “I can’t lose weight. What’s wrong with me?” “I can’t stop smoking. I’m such a failure.” “I can never keep a boyfriend. I must be defective.” “I’ll never get a life. I’m such a loser.” “I’m so f’d-up. I may as well give up trying.”

Does any of that sound familiar?

To compound the  problem with thinking ‘something’s wrong’, everywhere you look you’ll see dozens of signs that simply confirm that, yes, something is definitely very wrong. The newspaper will tell you, the glossy magazines at the checkout will tell you, the ads for pharmaceuticals will tell you, the commercials on the television will tell you and even some of your friends will tell you something is wrong with you. To top it off, your own family will confirm it.

I remember one particularly dark time in my own past when I was feeling like a total failure. My mother told me I was ruining my children, my hairdresser recommended I dye my hair, my best friend accused me of wrecking the most important night of her life, my husband suggested I get a boob job and my father told me not to leave me my husband because nobody else would want me.

Learning about the universal law, ‘inner reality creates outer reality’ is what brought me out of my personal hell. I realized others were criticizing me because I was criticizing myself. I had been judging my body, my mothering, my hair and myself as an unworthy, screwed-up mess. Naturally that is what my environment confirmed.

The good news is that if you’re tired of feeling like something’s wrong, it’s a snap to decide you’re Ok as-is.

From the perspective of your soul, you are absolutely perfect, just the way you are. You don’t have to change a thing. In fact, it is literally impossible for anything to be wrong with you in God’s eyes. You are a Divine child of God, perfect in every way including all of your human imperfections. You are simply in a process of remembering who you truly are as a Being of light and Love. There is no way for you to screw it up.

Think about a rose bush for a moment. In the winter, it’s a bunch of bare sticks with thorns. In the spring, leaves and buds begin to appear. By summer, the roses are in full bloom. In the fall, the blossoms are falling apart and the leaves begin dropping away. Soon, the bush is bare and the whole process begins all over again. Ask yourself this simple question: at what point is there something ‘wrong’ with the rose bush? Never, right? The rose bush is just doing what roses do – growing.

You, too, are simply doing what souls in a human body do, learning and growing. It isn’t possible for anything to be wrong with you because everything that is happening in your life is all part of the growing process. So ease up on yourself. Claim your Divine perfection. Say, “I am divinely perfect, just as I am.” Breathe it in.

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Claim your divine perfection; declare, “I am perfect just as I am.”

Additional Support: Listen to this audio on divine perfection. This is a 9-minute closed-eye process; please refrain from driving while listening.

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