Have you ever felt like you were missing something, like you weren’t all together whole? Have you ever been haunted by the ‘if only’s?

If I only had the right partner… If only I had gotten the right education… If only I had been born into a different family… If only I was more attractive or more talented…

A feeling of missing something, seeming somehow incomplete is a common feeling in our modern world. If you have ever felt this way, know that you are not alone. Many people feel like they are missing something, but they don’t know what or why.  They simply feel lacking. As a result, they end up walking around feeling inadequate, which in turn leads to anxiety, a lack of self-confidence and depression.

How many people do you know who don’t seem to realize how wonderful they are? How special or unique? How worthy of being loved and respected?

From Spirit’s perspective, it is impossible for you to be missing anything. You are complete.

Picture our Earth. She is round. She has a North pole and a South pole, with a central core running through her middle. Surrounding her body there is an energy field.  She is a whole, complete, self-contained unit as a planetary body. She has all of the resources she needs to thrive.

Next, picture an apple. See how the apple is relatively round? It is spherical in shape. Notice the core that runs through the middle. There is a stem on the top like a North pole, and there is a South pole. Surrounding the apple there is an energy field. The apple is a self-contained unit. It has everything it needs to be an apple. It is whole and complete as an apple.

Now, picture a human Being. Yourself, maybe.  If you were to stretch out your arms and legs, you could draw a circle around yourself. Remember the famous sketch by Leonardo Da Vinci? You, too, have a North pole, called your crown chakra on the top of your head, and your base chakra is like your South pole located in your perineum at the base of your body. You have a core running through your body from crown to base. You are surrounded by a spherical field of energy, sometimes referred to as the human energy field (HEF), pranic field or aura. You are whole. You are a self-contained unit. You have all of the inner resources necessary to thrive as a Being.

So why is it that you walk around feeling like a pizza with a slice or two missing?

The truth is that you are lacking nothing. You have everything you need, right there inside of yourself. This may seem like a strange concept to you initially, yet as you begin to cultivate a stronger connection to your Loving source, you will soon see how all of your needs are met from within. If there is anything that you feel is lacking, you can learn to fill yourself with it from the inside; we’ll be getting to the ‘how’ in upcoming blogs.

For today, claim your wholeness. Say to yourself, “I am whole.” See yourself as complete, a self-contained unit that includes all of the Love, all of the compassion, all of the acceptance, all of the joy you’ve ever wanted. Breathe it in. You are so worth it!

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Claim your wholeness. Declaration: “I am whole and complete. I have all of the inner resources I need to thrive.”

Additional Support: Listen to this audio on your innate wholeness. This is a 10-minute closed-eye process; please refrain from driving while listening.

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