Do you need other people to Love you? Do you feel hurt, angry, unloved or unlovable when they don’t?

Most people spend their whole life futilely seeking Love-energy from others. All you have to do is turn on the radio to hear about how that issue plays out! I’m Lost Without You, Killing me Softly, Tainted Love, and my two absolute favorite titles, It’s All Your Fault and Because of you, the ultimate victim-mentality song titles. Talk about placing blame, hahaha!

Think of the many stories of lack of Love that you have seen (and possibly experienced!) throughout your life. There are so many examples I can barely choose! The woman who pines her entire life for a man who has moved on, the man who accuses his wife daily of not loving him the right way, the couple who keeps breaking up every month – “You don’t love me enough!”, the man or woman who uses love as a threat – “If you really loved me, you’d blah, blah, blah…”, the elderly mother who micromanages her adult children’s lives out of a need to feel loved and needed…. The list goes on and on.

All of these are examples of a co-dependent perspective of what it means to receive Love and feel loved. Again, we come back to the universal law which states ‘Inner reality creates outer reality’.

From Spirit’s perspective, we are each 100% responsible for our own self, and this includes our own level of Love internally. Until you fill your own self with Love, you cannot and will not be able to experience receiving the sharing of Love from others to the degree you wish to feel Loved.

To illustrate this idea, think of your source-energy as the sun, the way a child would draw a sun, then picture the way each ray of light radiates out in its own, unique direction. Notice how each ray gets its own light from the source. The rays don’t cross or ‘take’ energy from each other. The rays simply shine, sharing their own light with each other.

You, as a Spiritual Being having a human experience, are a ray of Love and light. You, too, can only share your Love and light with others; you cannot truly ‘get’ your Love from anywhere else. All of the Love that you have ever needed or wanted is right inside of you, just waiting for you to experience it, feel it, breathe it, Be it. By simply claiming this, your outer-world reflection of ‘lacking love’ will immediately shift to ‘fully loved’, and people will begin sharing their own Loving essence with you more freely.

If you take 100% responsibility for the level of Love that you experience, you won’t need to seek it from anyone else again. When put into practice, this concept is liberating!

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom!

Action Step: Let go of seeking Love from others and claim 100% responsibility for the level of Love that you experience. Declaration: “I Love myself. I am Love.”

Additional support: Listen to this audio on claiming yourself as your own source of Love. This is an 8-minute closed-eye process; please refrain from driving while listening.

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