Love is all there is. The tricky part, for spiritual Beings stuck in human bodies, is remembering that! In order to get aligned fully inside with our source of Loving (AKA God, Universal Mind, Absolute, or whatever name you give to your source), you must let go of looking for any and all levels of Love on the outside and get it from within.

Love-energy can be felt on a spectrum: the highest level is infinite Love and the absence of Love is apathy. Apart from total apathy, any form of attention can be felt as Loving.

Love is a basic need that must be met; therefore, as a child you would have done whatever was necessary to get any level you could get. If you experienced a severe lack of Love as a child, you would likely have sought a very low level of Loving, often in the form of negative attention. If you experienced even a crumb of positive attention, you would have been desperately seeking another crumb. If you experienced lots of attention and equated attention with feeling loved, you would likely continue to seek out greater amounts of attention throughout your life.

What has been your pattern of attention-seeking? From whom did you seek: your parents, your friends, a boyfriend or girlfriend? What level of attention do you currently need? Do you need tons, or do you settle for just an occasional crumb? Be honest with yourself!

No matter how much attention you receive from others, you will never feel truly satisfied until you give it to yourself. Think about the pop star you see on the tabloids who holds the entire world captivated yet still feels empty inside. Somehow, outside attention never quite fills the inner void. It is like looking in the window of the fudge shop, but never really getting to taste the real thing.

That’s because outside attention isn’t the real thing! Love can only come from within, and attention is simply one level of Loving. You could stand on your head, balanced on a ball, juggling twenty-seven plates with your feet to thunderous applause by thousands of adoring fans, and, after the momentary illusion of attention had passed, you would still feel empty of attention inside… unless you attend to yourself.

Why? Because the universal law states ‘As within, so without’. If you feel lacking on the inside, you’ll continue to attempt to seek it on the outside and come up empty-handed every time.

From the spiritual perspective, you are your own source of attention – to have this need fulfilled all you have to do is pay attention to yourself. It is easy. Just say to yourself, “I see you. I hear that. I’m feeling you.” Or whatever it is that you need to hear to feel internally supported. Once you begin to feed yourself attention, you will never again need to look for it from anyone else.

Claim yourself as your own source of attention! Let go of any beliefs or expectations that you need other people’s attention in order to feel loved and attended to – you have all the inner resources to tend to yourself internally. Give yourself whatever words you need. You are so worth it.

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom!

Action Step ~ Let go of seeking outside attention.

Declaration: “I attend to myself”.

Additional Support: Listen to this audio on Your Source of Attention. This is a 6-minute closed-eye process; please refrain from driving while listening.

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