Love-energy has many distinctly different qualities. One of the most beautiful of these is the quality of compassion.

Think about your own experiences of compassion. What triggers compassion inside you? When have you felt it the most strongly? How often do you feel true compassion? Do you feel it for yourself or just for others?

Many people have an easy time accessing compassion for others – their families, their loved-ones, their pets – yet they have a hard time feeling compassion for themselves. Most of us were told to stay tough, that crying is for babies or to stop feeling sorry for ourselves. Most of us never felt truly loved or supported when we were suffering. As a result, we have not learned how to love and support ourselves.

Do you struggle with this? Becoming free involves living in a state of infinite Loving, and compassion is an important quality of Loving. To be free you must learn how to breathe in compassion for yourself.

Compassion, from Spirit’s perspective, is the energy of the Divine Feminine. It is often referred to as the ‘Mother’ energy. The literal meaning of the word compassion is ‘with suffering’; the prefix ‘com’ means with,and the word ‘passion’ means suffering. So, compassion is a state of Being that comes from our source of Love as a way of being with suffering while continuing to hold in the highest state of Love, providing comfort and nurturing when pain or upset is present.

Compassion says “It’s alright… it’s going to be okay. Everything is happening for a reason…. You’re alright.” It is warm, soothing and infinitely accepting.

What compassion is NOT: sympathy, pity, drama, feeling ‘sorry’, feeling ‘bad about’ or anything remotely related to fear, worry or judgment of any kind.

Compassion is neutral in nature. What this means is that when you are feeling compassion, you will feel steady, centered, and stable inside. Compassion acknowledges the pain without engaging in the suffering.

The energy of compassion is the key to all healing and transformation, because, in the presence of compassion, suffering can be instantly alleviated. Compassion provides a space to move out of fear and pain up into Love. It is Nature’s healing balm.

In fact, compassion is one of the key ingredients that make up forgiveness. Let’s look at the word ‘forgiven’. What does that mean? The root ‘for’ means ‘already’. So what, exactly, is ‘already given’, you might ask? From Spirit’s perspective, Love and compassion are a for-given thing; they are always available in every given moment to every Being. Love and compassion are your birthright!

If you want to get the freedom flowing, tap into your source of infinite compassion today. Set an intention and breathe it in. Apply liberally wherever it is needed inside of your own consciousness.

Many Blessings of Infinite Compassion!

Action Step ~ Get plugged into compassion internally. Declaration: “Compassion is my birthright. Compassion is a for-given thing. All I need to do to feel it is breathe it in.”

Additional support: Listen to this audio on accessing compassion. This is a 10-minute closed-eye process; please refrain from listening while driving.

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