Have you ever heard that somebody or something wasn’t very spiritual?

“She doesn’t even go to church!” “He fidgets during meditation.” “She’s never even read the scriptures.” “He charges money for his services.” “She wears red lipstick.” “How materialistic!” “Egocentric.” “Godless.” “Shameful.” If you have ears, I’m sure you’ve heard the commentary.

‘Not really spiritual’ is a common judgment that gets tossed around like confetti by people who are on their own paths toward greater self-awareness. As a result of this type of judgment, many people who are on the journey get caught up in superficial appearances – trying to ‘look good’ for their guru, their minister, God or their fellow travelers on the path.

Here’s the deal: there is no way not to be spiritual. There is no way to be ‘less spiritual’ or ‘more spiritual’ than someone else. Spirituality is a given. You are innately spiritual, no matter what you are thinking, saying or doing.

Picture the sun as the Divine source of Love, and then see seven billion-some rays of Love radiating Spirit’s Loving essence; you will notice that all of the rays are connected to Love, emanating Love and made out of Love. The source of Love is spiritual in nature; therefore, each ray of Love-light is likewise spiritual in nature. The pinpoint of light as it hits the earth could be seen as ‘you’ expressing at the physical level, and the ray could be seen as your Higher Self and your soul. Your Higher Self, or Authentic Self, is the part of you that connects your personality with your soul, and your soul is the part of you that connects you to your source.

You are Spirit in a body, having a human experience. Your very essence is spiritual. All people are equally spiritual, whether they believe in God or not, whether they think they are spiritual or not, whether they care to be spiritual or not…. Being a spiritual Being is innate. There is no way to get out of it. The drunks in the gutter, the prostitutes, the gamblers and the Donald Trumps of the world are equally as spiritual in nature as the monks, the nuns, the priests, the rabbis, the ministers and the enlightened masters.

What this means is that there is nothing for you to do to ‘become’ more spiritual, although you may wish to become more aware of your own innate spiritually. There is no right or wrong way for you to ‘behave’ more spiritually, although you may wish to cultivate behaviors that foster a closer connection to your Loving source.

You can relax. Stop trying so hard. Let go of what you think spirituality should look like. Let go of trying to appear a certain way or do a certain thing to be viewed as more spiritual. There is nothing you need to do to become more spiritual than you already are. All you need to do is Be. Claim that you are Spirit in a body, that you are innately spiritual no matter what and that from now on you can relax and just Be.

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Let go of trying and move into Being. Declaration: “I am Spirit in a body, having a human experience. I am innately spiritual.”

Additional Support: Listen to this mp3 Spirit in a Body. This is a 14-minute closed-eye process; please refrain from listening while driving.

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