Back in the 70’s, everything was all about the ‘vibes’. People wanted to be surrounded by good vibes, stay clear of bad vibes, raise their vibe, read each others’ vibes and emanate peace and Love-vibes. I was a kid at the time and recall thinking, “What the heck is a vibe?!”

Fast-forward a few decades, I get it now. Energy. They were talking about energy. The fact is that you are an energy-being. You are plugged in with an invisible cord to a vast source of energy that, at its highest level, is made out of infinite Love.

In elementary science class, I was taught that there were three basic forms of matter; solid, liquid and gas. When my kids were in school, they learned a fourth; plasma. Well, as it turns out, the understanding of ‘matter’ has evolved quite a bit over the past few decades with the progress of quantum physics. We now know that there are vast amounts of space surrounding our subatomic particles. We are like microcosms of the macrocosm; there are mini-universes swirling about inside of our own bodies. The ratio of space to matter is astounding. We contain 99.99999…% space and less than 0.00001% matter. The teeny, tiny specks of particle are revolving around each other like moons and planets revolving around the sun, all held up by the enormous electromagnetic field of ‘outer space’ that surrounds them.

This space inside your body is not empty. This space contains energy. This energy holds stores of information – thoughts, memories, emotions, beliefs – all of your experiences are vibrating inside of that space and emanating whatever energy you are currently emitting as the expression of ‘you’.

You don’t have to be a physicist to begin to appreciate the implications of this new science. You don’t even have to know how energy works. Once you understand that you are emanating energy in every given moment, you now have the power to choose what kind of energy you would like to emanate.

It is a pretty simple concept. If your cells are filled up with energies of anger or resentment, you’ll be radiating energies of anger or resentment. If your cells are filled up with energies of joy and Love, you’ll be radiating energies joy and Love.

What kinds of energy do you typically emit? What kinds of energy would you like to radiate more frequently?

If you want to raise your vibes, set an intention to access Love-energy and then start to breathe in more Love. Do this every day. The more Love-energy you take into your cells, the more Love you will naturally begin to emanate out into the world. And don’t stress out over whatever other energies you’ve got swirling in the space of your inner universe; we’ll get to that in upcoming blogs. For now, claim your power as an energy-being. Light up your cells with Loving and begin to shine your Love-vibes out into the world. Peace out!

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Claim that you are an energy-being. Declaration, “I am made of 99.99% energy. I am an energy-being. I choose what type of energy I emanate.”

Additional Support: Listen to this mp3 – You are an energy Being. This is a 9-minute closed-eye process; please refrain from driving while listening.

For fun and a deeper understanding of the amount of space between your subatomic particles: Gather some balls, a yard stick and a chart of the solar system and head to a large, open park. Convert miles to centimeters or millimeters, and lay out a model of the sun, moon & planets. Check out how much space there is between the planets! To take this even further, chart the distance of the nearest stars to our sun.

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