Do you ever feel unloved or have a hard time loving yourself? Do you ever feel like there is something wrong with you or missing because you can’t seem to feel good about your life?

Experiencing more Love in your life is not only possible, it is totally do-able and can even feel easy – that is, if you know what steps to take internally. A common question is, “I know there’s this new paradigm of peace and Love that everyone’s talking about, but how do I get there?”

Just like taking any trip, if you want to go somewhere, you first have to know which direction to take. It can seem frustrating sometimes because there are so many trails to choose from. You’ve probably heard the saying, ‘All paths lead to God’, right? I might also say, ‘All paths lead to Love’.

So, there really is no one specific path to take. Yet if you feel like you’ve been taking the scenic route for long enough and would like to jump onto a more direct path, this blog can provide you with some trail signs to guide you along the way.

Think about Love for a moment. Where do you feel it? On the inside, right? Maybe in your chest or heart. Think about someone you really Love – could be a family member, a cherished friend, or even a pet. If you don’t feel close to any people, think about something that really lights you up inside, that makes you feel good, like looking at the ocean, a sunset or even a shiny red motorcycle. Connect with that feeling. You may experience it as a warmth or tenderness inside. However you sense or feel it, can you see how Love is an internal experience?

So, to begin to move in the direction of Love, the first step is to connect with the source of Love inside of yourself. There is an infinite source of Love available internally, and all you have to do to receive it is to set an intention to breathe it in, and then breathe it in.

I call our source ‘Loving’, because at the highest level we are connected to an infinite supply of Love. There are many different names for our source of Love; Universal Mind, Infinite Intelligence, the Absolute, God, Mother/Father God, Allah, Oneness, All That Is…. It doesn’t matter what name you give to your source; we all come from one source of infinite Love.

The most important part of heading toward your Loving source is that you feel your connection internally. You are sourced from within. This means that feeling Love is an internal experience. Strengthening your connection to Loving is an inside job. The first step to a more love-filled life is claiming that your connection to your source of Loving is inside of yourself. Claim it!

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Connect with Love internally. Claim your Loving source – however you define your source of Love – in your own words as a feeling that you experience within yourself.

Additional support: Listen to this mp3. This is a 6-minute closed-eye process; please refrain from listening while driving.

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