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Are you still caught up in the same old story or patterns that have been driving you nuts for years? Do you have tons of self-awareness, but still experience pain, suffering or drama at times and you’d like to change that, once and for all?

Have you ever wished that there was a manual for doing the deep personal transformation here on Earth School?

If you are spiritually awakened, sick of your old crap and ready to uplevel, to move into the final phase of healing, I invite you to join me in Berlin for a profound weekend of personal transformation.

This 2-day intensive healing experience provides the opportunity for you to move beyond recovery  and awareness into the embodiment of greater peace, joy and well-being on every level of Being. Heal your past hurts, resolve your most challenging issues, repattern old unhealthy patterns of behavior and step into your authentic power.

The weekend combines practical teachings of Universal Law, spiritual principles and tools for transformation, guided closed-eye process and deep soul-level healing that get all the way down to the cellular level. Q & A and personal sharing in a sacred space of infinite Love and compassion.

As a participant, you will learn:

  • How soul evolution on Earth-school works
  • How to deepen your connection to Source
  • The Human Guidance System
  • The basic keys to Self-realization
  • How to use life as a mirror for spiritual growth
  • How to change the way you think to be on your own side
  • The foundational tools for self-healing
  • much more…

The inner-level benefits of this course include:

  • deeper connection to both Self & Source
  • greater access to spiritual guidance
  • ability to discern Truth vs. fear
  • greater self-trust and self-confidence
  • higher self-esteem and self-acceptance
  • more joy, lightness and contentment

The outer-level benefits are many, including:

  • improved relationships with loved-ones, family & friends
  • better communication
  • more self-confidence in personal interactions
  • less stress, worry, anxiety and upset at life’s ever-changing circumstances
  • greater ease and flow with finances, work, time…
  • improved energy and vitality
  • ability to handle issues with grace and ease
  • healthier boundaries around others
  • much more…

Course Details:

Dates: Saturday, November 18th & Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Place: Pilateslab-Berlin, Choriner Straße 31, 10435, Berlin, Germany

Time: 9:30-18:00 Saturday, Nov 18th; 9:30-17:00 Sunday, Nov 19th

Cost: 150 (€120 thru Nov 4th  – 20% savings for early-bird registration)

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Registration Rates
Money-Back Guarantee: I believe this work is life-changing, that it will continue to provide on-going value for you for years to come and that it is well-worth your financial investment; if, after attending the whole weekend and participating fully, you feel that this experience has not benefited you in any way, you may request a refund. I will give you your money back (minus any transaction fees) no questions asked.


What to expect from the workshop

I have deepened the connection with myself and I have been able to feel the positive impact on the quality of my life immediately. The best part was that I came back home equipped with some powerful tools that I have been able to apply myself to continue the self-healing process. Marta Rodriguez-Karpowicz

I have participated twice and each time experienced a profound deep-level spiritual healing and higher awareness. The work it is very accessible and relieving and has also given me practical tools to continue the work afterwards which I am grateful for.

Elise Hamilton Ferguson

I’ve never experienced love and compassion to the degree of the teaching Cynthia delivers. Love and compassion is suddenly much more than spiritual mumbo-jumbo – it has become a state of being and a concrete feeling in the body and mind. Vilhelm Kruse

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