What You Resist Persists

Moving out of your old, comfortable box into the big unknown is never easy. And, in my experience, it usually involves doing at least one thing you’d least like to do. You know, that thing you totally resist doing. What You Resist Persists There’s a universal law that...
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Confession of a Former Coward

I have a big confession to make. It doesn’t make me feel proud, but I have to come clean: I have been allowing my fear of public judgment and ridicule to hold me back from doing the work of my soul. Truthfully, I’ve allowed my fear to keep me acting small, silent,...
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Why on Earth Are You Pooping in a Bucket?

Today I did something novel: I took my first-ever shit in a bucket. And in doing so, I learned something interesting about myself, about an old fear I’d thought was gone for good. But first I should start with addressing the elephant in the room, right? “Why on earth...
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Help! I Can’t Find My Car

Visiting my daughter and her partner in D.C. this week, helping them renovate their new motorhome for the next phase of their journey. We were in Costco looking at R.V. batteries when my daughter asked me to run to car to get her owner’s manual. The Heat is Rising...
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Healers, Lightworkers and Conscious Leaders Don’t Hide Their Light Under a Bushel

Are you tired of hiding and ready to shine? One of the most common fears that holds Healers, Lightworkers, and Conscious Leaders back and keeps them from stepping into their soul’s highest purpose is the deep-seated fear of persecution. My Fear of Being Seen Went Much...
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You Better Believe It!

What you believe is super important – your beliefs define your quality of life. Everything from your wealth to your health is governed by what you believe to be true…

There’s social factors, your upbringing, your education and your environment for sure… but at the end of the day, most of what you’ve come to believe is nothing but a story about your life – change the story and you literally change your DNA.

My job? To assist you to rewrite your story at the cellular level so you can live and breath a life of joy and vibrant freedom.

Liberation is my business. I offer a no-nonsense, practical way to free yourself from the bondage of fear, pain and disease.

Let’s get to know each other. Take a look around my website, and book a free Clarity Session when you’ve decided you are ready to uplevel.

Cynthia Lamb, Conscious Channel/Healing Facilitator

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